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PRIME TIME NEWS 22:00 Rival parties clash over alleged internet portal bias

Sparks fly again at the National Assembly as the audit of government offices begins.
On the grill first, are the country′s internet portals, with the rival parties disagreeing on their fairness and objectivity.
While the world fear the worst is yet to come as a result of the Yuan depreciation, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang play downs concerns about a global currency war and Beijing′s ability to maintain a stable yuan.
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Title: Rival parties clash over alleged internet portal bias
It′s time for rival parties to lock horns again, as Korea′s National Assembly began its 22-day audit… today.
Over 700 government offices will be under their microscope.
While auditing Korea Communications Commission… lawmakers argued over the neutrality of internet portals.
Ji Myung-kil has more.
The ruling Saenuri Party is unhappy with what it claims is the biased selection and layout of political stories by the nation′s internet portals.

“It is time to discuss the fairness and objectivity of the internet portals′ news sites as they share a social responsibility. The web portals should refrain from selecting news that is politically biased and keep their neutrality.”
Kim said that considering the influence the portals have … the government needs to address their wrongdoings in order to provide accurate information.
According to the Saenuri Party′s research institute, citing that objectivity in news selection had been lost, the two dominant portals, Naver and Daum Kakao, posted more news articles critical of the government and the ruling party than it did positive ones.
Naver and Daum Kakao, who provide news via their own mobile apps, account for over 90 percent of the domestic, online search-engine market.
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy considers the ruling party′s claims laughable, and criticized them for attempting to “tame” the portals ahead of general elections next April.

“The Saenuri Party is tacitly pressuring the portals. They say the portals tend to favor the opposition, even making childish remarks that our NPAD leader′s name Moon Jae-in appears more often than Kim Moo-sung. They are just trying to tame the portals ahead of next year′s general elections.”
Yoo said that considering the government′s mishandling of state affairs… it would be natural that Moon Jae-in′s opposition would appear more frequently in news articles.

“NPAD lawmakers showed concern over the Saenuri Party′s move to interfere with the web portals, as it could limit freedom of expression in Korea. Meanwhile,

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